If you were a high school girl, how would you wanna be asked out if you didn’t really know the guy?

If there’s a guy you don’t really know but he asks you out would you go out with him? How would you want him to ask you out?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Usaly I try to break the ice by getting to know the person better by texting them... it cute when guys flirt like this one time i had this guy winking at me and then he use a cute pick up line... i would say if you are scared of asking her out cause you do not know her really well I would go to a coffee shop or something like that to just hang or go bowling and have fun by taking the mind set of not knowing each other very well
    When i first started dating i was nervous cause I didn't know the guy really well but "dating is how you get to know the person better" this is what my older brother said...
    Also I would just go with it cause you know she and her friends will probably be absesing over being asked out
    It will all work out... : )


What Guys Said 1

  • Assuming I were a girl, no. I would like to get to know the guy first.

    • How would u get to know her?

    • In high school there aren’t many great opportunities

    • Ask for her number and text about her interests, etc. Tell her she sounds like a cool girl and that you;d like to hang out with her sometime through that conversation.

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