Is it okay to be upset or angry because of this?

There have been girls on here calling me ugly this was one of them and, I was wondering if it was okay to be angry or upset? Here is what she said:

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@gamingbaget yeah no, that's now it works, confidence and character doesn't mean anything.
Men who are ugly like to tell themselves that women don't care about looks, and all they have to do is focus on their personality and confidence and they'll get all the women.
Ugly men cope this way, because confidence and character can be improved, but looks can't be, so they like to believe that looks don't matter to woman and that women aren't visual.

But in reality this manIs it okay to be upset or angry because of this?

will attract way more women even if he had zero confidence, had the worst character etc.

Whereas this guyIs it okay to be upset or angry because of this?

will never attract any woman even if had the best character and had the confidence of a God.

Stop spewing bullshit, looks matter way more.


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  • WoW she messed up... I'm sorry but this is just one or so girls... and girls can Be Mean... maybe it was just an off day, as my brother said "there are a million other fish in the sea" i say who cares what they think it not like you are going to be dating them any time soon... also why care about what a bunch of "MIDDLE SCHOOLERS" think (seriously I bet the girls were raised spoiled and the are not ready for real life because normal people won't ever say that) Also because they did it online and not at your face means they don't deserve to say anything to you... its so much easier to say something online than to someones face... i would only worry about the ones who love you and how you feel about yourself... you are braver than they are by standing up for yourself and I admire you for that.
    I would be mad and annoyed at these girls for asking like a bunch of middle schoolers... and when I say annoyed i mean block them and don't think about ever unblocking them cause who needs a bunch of annoying girls to take over and run your life...
    PS my dad thinks I'm crazy but I really don't care about looks, I care more about the person then there image... also knowing me I say all guys are handsome... i guess its your attitude towards another human being because we are all trying to do our best and "Real people" shouldn't be putting down other people.
    ♡ : ) I hope you feel better.


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  • That's you? You look fine, dude. I've known some ugly guys who date lots of women. It's totally about who you are and what you bring. There are plenty of women who seriously don't care what you look like, if they like you.

    • Yeah but stuff like this plus getting zero attention on dating apps from girls doesn't help my self esteem or confidence

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    • I hear you. That's someone trying to make you feel bad so that they can feel better than someone. Basic psychology. Know that they're a hurt person trying to hurt someone else. Teach yourself to feel empathy for them, and for others. That's a fundamental ability that most young men lack, that women are looking for.

    • And drop the belief that your unattractive. That's just in your mind. Reprogram your thinking. There are books about doing that. Love yourself.

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  • Well yeah she fucked up. Looks don't always matter, I don't know what kind of shit propaganda she's trying to spread.

  • Appearance does matter to everyone. If it didn't, they'd date everyone and anyone. It would mean they didn't set standards for themselves , and had no preferences at all. Only people with low self-esteem would have no standards.

    No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who finds them physically unattractive.

    Imagine being told by your partner that they didn't find you good-looking, and that they were with you because of your great personality. I can't imagine anyone staying with a partner who only liked their personality.

    An initial physical attraction is very important. Their personality determines if a relationship develops or not

  • Well she's sort of right some girls are very visual, and I'm one of those girls I could be speaking to a guy who I find really attractive with a shitty personality and a guy who's not hot with a great personality and the one who I find attractive is the one I'd date

    • Well, I might as well get a vasectomy and give up, I guess, Im just one of those guys who was never meant to be with a woman.

  • True. Hot guys get laid.

  • Wow that’s rude but her beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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