How do you keep a relationship going?

Ok so this isn't for me. My friend was telling me about this guy who she's dating. They both aren't used to a relationship that long (a month) and so they dont know what to do.

he's decided to start listing things that make them a good couple. Which I think is just making it more likely to crumble.

He is a nice guy and they do go well together kind of. But they are very different and Im not sure how to help make it last.


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  • Its all about keeping that first date feeling, exposing someone and letting someone expose you to new things is the funnest most exciting part of a new relationship.

    • Thats what I said, kind of. I said its probably not a good idea to slow down, they should keep doing the things they enjoy.

      Especially since my friend is the kind of girl that likes to travel and goes to gigs all around the country every weekend.

  • Communication and always laugh

  • Make conversations, keep meeting up, give surprises and most importantly to have sex "regularly"


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