Did he send an accidental text on purpose?

This guy asked me out and on the second date we kissed and held hands. The third time we met he said afterwards that he likes me but isn't over his ex-girlfriend yet, who broke up with him a few months ago. He had been with her for about a year but things didn't go well. He said he wasn't sure to be in a relationship with me, because it could end not well. And wants us to stay friends, he thinks. So the fourt time we hang out and when i got back home i texted him i had a great time and wished him a good weekend and he replied. A while later i get a text: Im a bit tired, will take the car. And the second text said: oops. Than an hour later he said he texted the wrong person with a ;), and said: But i Did have a good time with you today and also said sleep well. Did he send this to get my attention or was it really an accident? Im not sure What the ;) means? Or maybe I’m overthinking it too much.. Thank you for any help!


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  • You're overthinking it, pretty sure he texted the wrong person

  • I'm pretty sure it was an accident. The sleep well part means he cares about you.


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