Girls, Why is she avoiding my questions and phone calls?

I've been seeing this lady friend of mine for about three months now. We have a pretty open relationship and we've been able to talk about a lot of things and be open with each other. Recently I can't get her on the phone. She doesn't respond to any of my messages and I see that she seen them. And it all started when I came down one weekend and try to see her but she never answered any messages or the phone. After that I spent a couple days not talking to her cuz I was mad. However she will message me back if I say something like how was work she would say good or when I say hello while she's on shell say hi honey but won't answer any of my previous messages. What do you ladies make of this or have you ever done this?


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  • slow fading my ex did that but we didn't have an open relationship. Maybe she is also in a relationship with some one else, I assume that 'open relationship' have different boundaries/ non existent set of rules?


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