I don't know where to find 'my kind of women' (personality wise)?

My preffered women is someone who is comfortable with themselves, who is strong and independant and doens't necessarily NEED a man in her life but wants one. Someone who can handle themselves and doens't need to have things done for her. I have that personality and i have had my strongest crushes on women that have that kind of personality but i don't know where i can find these kind of people, as unfortunatley all my previous crushes on women of this type are either taken or are to far away to make anything work (like several thousand miles away to be specific)

Of course looks factor into it to, but although i have a 'preffered' body/looks i'm realistic and know that most women won't have the kind of body i'm dreaming of

I'm 25 by the way


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  • Strong, confident, self-reliant, fit women are everywhere, at least where I live on the US west coast. I know a few out east too. Increase your perspective; your assumption may be limiting your impression.

    • Where i am it's mainly Chavs and Clingly girls...

    • Ok. Then reprogram yourself to attract them. They're there, just hard to see. Spend time, regularly, visualizing what sort of man these women might be authentically attracted to.

      Visualize how he might demonstrate emotional maturity, practice healthy habits, respond to criticism, treat women, reach for goals, learn & teach himself, and be an honest man. etc

      Think about it daily until you can feel it, and then feel yourself becoming that.

    • I already am that... only thing im finding hard is the quick acting side... i dont act quickly i take a long time to get comfortable enpugh with people

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  • I don't mean to brag but I think I have that kind of personality. It's just that guys don't realize this. Maybe there is also someone just around the corner that you don't realize she might be the one.

    • Girl upstairs is one, but she is taken already

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  • Good luck finding the right one. There are plenty around like you described.

    • I'd beg to differ what i tend to find are women who aren't nessecarily clingly but i get the feeling that they have a guy in thier life to feel "full"

  • That sounds like me lol... I don't know where to find people like me. I usually am at random places with my friends a lot of the time. Or studying

    • As i'm not at uni anymore can't really use the studying part

    • I'm usually at spontaneous places, a carnival or festival, a concert, at the beach, fun places

    • Yeah i'm not for that kind of thing, i'm an introvert. Also i personalyl hate the beach having grown up on the coast

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