Online relationship and long distance relationship: Are Chinese men really serious in relationship?

I have a Chinese guy friend who I met online. We've known each other for about 8 months but with on and off communication. What makes me confuse about is that he sends me hearts, he's sweet to me, he says he misses me, and promise he'll always be a text away from me and wants to see me in person. He also wants me to give him a hug if ever we meet. As you can see, he's very sweet to me but sometimes he's so cold like he just chats me whenever it's convenient for him. I don't know if he's just shy or not expressive because that's how Chinese men usually in terms to dating. Anyway, I've come to the point that I think I'm falling in love with him so I want to make sure whether he likes me the way I do for him but he says we're friends.


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  • *read till the end.
    Make sure he isn't a communist spy. Because Chinese communist party are willing to do anything to spread their "socialism with Chinese characteristics" nonsense.
    Anyway, as like other people there are good Chinese men and bad Chinese men. Just ask him this, is he okay with falun gong practitioners. Because if he isn't, then he deny their right of religious freedom, and you might want to reconsider dating the guy.

    • Wait, is he a real Chinese person from China? Or Chinese person but not Chinese citizenship?

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    • Anyway just ask him things that you believe in since Chinese people have different value, traditions, beliefs, and morality. You might want to make sure whether he's compatible with you or not - in a sense of morality and others like political if you even want it.

    • What's Falun gong practitioners anyway?

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  • I am a Chinese born Canadian, and I can say that generally, the men in China are more conservative and shy with expressing their feelings. They do tend to be more serious, and start relationships at an older age compared to the west...

    Obviously, this does not apply to all of them! If you like him just go for it! Love is all about those butterflies, and heart aches!

    • Are you okay with falun gong practitioners? And by "okay" I mean okay with them exercising their right of religious freedom?

  • I am chinese American, been here my adult life so no longer understand the chinese culture in that regard... heard things have changed... divorce rate up... also depends on the region he is from, he may have diff. set of value.

    8 months LDR... do you two have a time frame when to meet? if not, then its BS.. if you dont meet, its just waste of time.

    so work on that...

    how realistic is the discantce? how far apart?
    how often can you two meet, will you have the money and time to fly around to meet?

    i met my boyfriend here on GAG (never thought i would... but it happened_
    met in April last yr. online. phone conversations in May, met end of June in person in a diff. state, hung out, was fun.

    visited him in his state, i flew there for fun... in July
    he came to me in aug. i visited him 12 times last year.
    he 6 times to me
    we went on 3 trips... we saw ea. other a lot a lot a lot...
    it also helps that i am a teacher and have the summer off... so i was at his most of the summer like married...
    we had some issues, we are working through... but over all awesome...
    we'll host Christmas at his place for his family... we are also older...

    so just an example how LD can work out

    • I think what we have is just bs, isn't it? He doesn't have that eagerness to communicate with me anymore and doesn't chat if I don't chat first. Unlike from the start, when he usually greets and asks how am I that day.

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