What are your expectations from your partner?

To be intelligent, charismatic and I want him to be classy, like not trash. no drinking and sleepin around in beds; he needs to be classy and intelligent. I love when a guy is hard to get but those easy ones are just disgusting to me.


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  • to be self, intelligent, calm and care for others.


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  • One of my mandatory expectations from my female partner is she must be a able to give an awesome blow job just like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose!!!

  • shouldn't be a gold digger... should understand my situations... shouldn't cheat and yea should be good at sex lol

  • Let's just say your standards are high... But Good luck though.. 😎👍

    • thats cus I ain't cheap 😎 thanks

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    • Im not a dreamer. If I exist, the I believe someine like me exist too. not all men are cheap ugly and easy like you, as not all girls are precious and hard to get like me. but like I said, this is life. I never expect valuable actions from cheap people tho dont worry :) I get you

    • Right... Like a kid like you know how an engineer getting almost 4 figures a week like.. A symptom of a dreamer is detached to a reality in hopes to have a better life than anyone below them... You sound like one... More like a delusionist actually. Me cheap? Bitch please. I'm not bragging but I have cash, not credit, cash to have a vacation for a year anywhere in the world. I dont really care if I'm ugly though.. I already accepted facts. Not some unicorn fantasy like yours... But when women come to for dates I turn them down because they're like you. A tasteless, unclassy, gold digging, trash... And also I'm a workaholic. So for you to judge me here of all places? Better check your butt plug you might die of toxic shock syndrome.

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