Do you think parents could completely stand in the way of you getting married to that special someone?

I’m currently very serious about my boyfriend and being that we’re long distance I’ve only talked to them via FaceTime and haven’t met them yet but I know his grandmother doesn’t like me too much or maybe she’s just mad at me. But comment below if you’re married to someone and their parents or family members don’t like you. Do you think it affects the relationship? Do you think maybe you just had to grow on them?


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  • If it's not important to you then I think it's fine, but there people in the world the need their families approval. I don't get why but meh


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  • What matters is what you and your boyfriend think. You want to get along with his family and that’s great! So keep working at it, make a special trip to see them if you can that may help. They’re probably wondering why they’re future daughter in law hasn’t visited them yet.
    But how does your boyfriend feel? Is he influenced by his family? If they stil don’t warm up to you will he back away or is he in this hell or high water?

    • He’s definitely in this hell or high water , we’ve been together almost 2 years it’s my situation that mainly keeps us apart but I will be able soon so I guess I’ll see in person. I just don’t want no hard feelings with her.

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    • Yeah I think it’s because he never truly fell in love until he met me

    • And they don’t know how to feel about it yet

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