Will he reconsider?

I met a guy, we got along great.. then I fucked it.. I was insecure and needy and he stopped taking my calls and answering my texts.
I had just moved to a new country and clearly wasn't in the best place.
Its been 2 months.
I want to try again.
be honest, tell him I know I lost my shit and wasn't myself. And see if he wants to try again?
Id rather call than text? Is he likely to answer now?
Should I text?
is it worth trying? Or will I just look more desperate?
I know I was a mess then and have looked at what was wrong with me. I should probably let it go. But I want to have no regrets but considering what has happened I don't know how to proceed.


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  • The best thing would probably be to text him an apology and show him that you know you fucked up and are willing to work on it. If he responds then you can work everything out, if he doesn't it's probably better to just leave him be.


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  • Text him your honest feelings and leave it alone if it works hell contact you if it don't move on

  • Tbh if u text him sayin why u did it to him he will reconsider... ifu call him or meet him ul come up as a despo

  • Give him time, if he feels he will come back


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