Why every girl thinks that I am already in a relationship?

I met a girl and ask her for date and I can't believe the reson she gave to me. She said you are having good looks and all that you may have many gfs. Not this one this thing had happened to me at least 4 to 5 times. Don't know what to do any suggestions girls?


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  • People tend to assume if they think you are attractive you must have lots of opportunities to date., Take it as a compliment and keep trying

    • yes, I also think this is the best I can do, keep trying

  • The thing goes for women if you're drop dead beautiful or handsome you must have many gf's or boyfriends etc etc you need to get past it somehow... Keep trying and just date :)

    • keep trying? lol !! I'm not that good. It takes a lot of confidence to ask a girl and then she rejects you giving this stupid reason.

    • Understandable but I think it should become easier :( its sad though

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