How to Stop Thinking about Girl?

Just once in a while, I start thinking about this old girl I used to love.

Or have a urge to see what she is up to on Social Media...

How Can I stop these urges and thinking about her?

I really loved her a few years ago, and she broke my heart... I have deleted her from my life, but I just think about her once in a while, it just hurts knowing she is with other guys, and I wasn't good enough for her.


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  • FInd someone else
    move on!
    fall in love with someone else!

    • Don't want to be unfair, but I had a similiar experience and at least for me it wasn't that easy.

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    • Thank you for MHO! :)

    • You're welcome, but it's not easy to fall in love again

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  • Of course you could distract yourself, but I think it's better to accept that she has been and still is a part of your life (even though you are not a part of hers). This makes the moments when you think about her easier.

    • I guess,

      She is sleeping with a new guy.. and I am left alone... I don't know why, I am better than the other guy, I loved her and would have done anything for her...

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    • No one can help you with that. I think it's a very individual process and there are no rules you could follow. The only thing you can do is to find out how you can deal with the situation your way.

    • But time will help you.

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  • Delete and ban her from all Social Media platforms. Stalking her won't help you to get over her.

  • Try to think only about the bad things about her, something she told you that hurts you, bad habits, something you don't like about her face or body

    • I have a hard time thinking about the bad, I do just think od the goos

    • Good*

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