Does my coworker like me? And any tips on how to flirt?

Me and him work together. We work at a restaurant, and we're both cooks. I'm 19 and he's almost 18. I'm on my second year of college and he's also applying to go there. He also asked if I was gonna talk to him if I see him at school. He said "are you gonna talk to me or you're too good to talk to freshman?" When he started working there, about five months ago, I didn't give him much attention because I knew he was 17. But now that his birthday is coming up in two weeks. Anyway, before this, he would always tell me "but I'm 18" (he still does this). He also stands really close to me whenever we're all talking. I say all because it's four of us that are pretty good friends at work. There's me, and three guys. The other two say pretty Pervy jokes at work. But I noticed he doesn't. Doesn't laugh at the jokes either. I know he's not gay, because he had a girlfriend when he had first starting working but they've since broken up. I should mention that I go like complete shit to work. I don't do my hair (because we wear hairnets and hats). And I don't do my make up or anything. I went to work to pick up my check after going on a date once, and one of the guys from our group looked surprised and told me I look so different than when I'm at work. There's a Christmas party coming up on Dec 15. And we were told to bring dates. My problem is that I don't know how to flirt. The other guys in our group insult me all the time and he doesn't. But I think that's just how he is. Any tips?


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  • Just be practical and ask him to be your date. You already know each other. I guarantee he will accept your offer


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