How many steps from first date to marriage?

Guys and girls, what should happen to make you want to marry a person you date? How much time it takes to realize that you want that person to be your wife/husband?


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  • it's different for every person. some people factor in different things, because each person is unique.

    how did I know I wanted to marry the person? He was faithful, I trusted that he would never cheat on me. I knew he loved me and wanted to marry me too. He had good hobbies, he respected me. I liked that he liked to spend lots of time with me doing nothing: watching tv, reading a book, taking walks. Stuff like that, but it takes more (how we communicate/fight etc)

    How much time? It depends on everyone. some people know right away. some people it takes years and years.


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  • Oh, nice question!

    I think some more dates 'til we get into a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, then after a year or so, move together to see how things work while under the same roof for at least another year, if everything goes right, consider the things both of us want in our lives, like children, career, etc and then I think I'd be ready to marry the girl.


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  • You should feel an instant attraction. There seems to be a magnetism, you're drawn together by. You feel an immense need to be near this person. I knew the second time we ever met that no one else made me feel like that before. By the third time, I knew that no one else ever could. After all that, we would test the waters of time, distance and chemistry. The length of time is different for every one, but I believe you'll know right away!