Is it bad that I won't lower my standards?

I have never had a girlfriend, but all of the girls that I have truly been into meet my pretty high standards. Im about average when it comes to looks, but I've been told I have a pretty nice personality, so should I lower my standards to try and get a girlfriend or should I keep them how they are


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  • Keep them. No girl would like to be settle down for

    • Ah yeah, try to meet your own standards, then no one has problems with them

    • Yeah, I dont hold anyone's standards higher than mine, like looks aren't a huge deal, its mostly dealing with intelligence/athleticism

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  • Hot girls usually go for ugly or average guys, so I'd say keep them high


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  • Keep the high, It’s about quality not quantity. Never forget that boi

  • Lower your standards if you really want a girlfriend

    • Why would he lower his standards for the status title of “taken” that’s wrong. He would be stuck in a relashionships that he doesn’t enjoy 100%

    • @Rihannan because if he's one of those people who complain about not being in a relationship 24/7 then he should lower his standards.

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