Does long distance really work?

I'm talking to someone from another country and she wants a relationship... Can it work out between us?


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  • Yes but you have to met at least once in a while

    • She's in America and I'm in the UK. She looks after her sick mother and I am currently at university. So I'm too busy to travel. And I don't want to pull her away from her duties, so that's a small issue

    • Then you can find a way to met once asap during your college break or when you save money. Even once to see if you are attracted to her. Online and real is very different what if you spend time talking with her and when you met her you realize she is not what you thought...
      I think until you meet make sure you Skype and chat every day

      Also U. K. To USA is not bad lol it's not a scary distance so find a way to meet once and then decide if you want to continue the relationship.

    • Yeah thank you 😊

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  • You are pathetic. Find someone who you can touch, you can kiss.


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