She stood me up... and the made an excuse? What to do?

All we've done is kissed and went out a few times. So i texted her 4 days prior and said we should go bowling. She says "okay when" and "maybe". I tell her the time and day and she says "remind me on saturday".

Saturday comes and i text her 4 hours prior saying ill be there. No response. I show up and say "Im here. Are you coming? If not thats ok. Just tell me". No response. I call once and it goes straight to voicemail after one ring. I call again and it rings a while and she doesn't answer.

I get a text 1.5 hours later saying "shit sorry i was asleep". I then call her 30 mins later. No response. I then see her at the bar but she doesn't bother coming up to me. She sees me flirting with a legit model looking chick that i know. Later that night she stares me in the eyes. I just look away. Then she comes up yo me and hugs me. She says "Sorry i honestly fell asleep for like 5 hours... We're going to [bar name] " (she basically wanted me to come along imo)... i just nod the whole time and say "well ill see you around".

What do you make of this? Did i handle it right and what should i do next? Where is her interest level and can it be raised by not contacting her?
Also, should i say something like "ok maybe we'll go out another time" or is that a bad idea.


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  • I don't get it. Was she lying? If so I'd stop seeing her again.
    Obviously she doesn't seem all that interested in you. Maybe find someone, who will be happy to see you and won't put you down like that.

    • I think she was lying but she did apologize in text. Should i just ignore her? Or should i say "ok we'll go out another time?

    • She is not serious about relationships. Find someone, who is.

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