Should I leave him?

We have been going out for like 4 months now. We go out everyday like a couple. We are not committed but we don't go out with other people.
Everything is fine but he's workaholic. He owns a company. And That's the reason why he didn't want to commit. He doesn't want to take responsiblities of the boyfriend and he's afraid that I might have more expectations from him if he commits because I used to say that he doesn't care and I used to have high expectation and could get easily upset.
I was on the trip that makes me apart from him for a month. He even didn't go to work for like 4 days to accompany me before I went for trip. First week of my trip was fine. We texted everyday.
We didn't argue and I didn't do anything wrong.
But suddenly, he didn't text me for one whole week.
I didn't think he has plan to stop our relationship because he was talking about the plans to do when I go back. Seemed like everything's working for us.
And I texted him first. He texted me back. And he didn't text anything again for another 8 days.
And I was back from trip and he was there when I went to his friend. And he was acting like there was nth between us. So I texted him to ask if he wants to stop contacting with me. He replied "I'm sorry. I am focusing on my works and I don't want to waste your time".
But during my trip, I once posted photos and video with my guy friends. He stopped texting for the second time after those photos. So I doubt maybe he's jealous or maybe he really wants to stop our relationship. Should I ask him if he is jealous or just leave him forever?


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  • To hell with his company and work. Do what makes you happy. Life doesn't stop at one person. If your relationship with this guy has gone that way in such a short time... imagine being married with him. I smell divorce and anxiety.

    • I used to believe that one day he will be not that busy and understand my love and support. And we will happily be together.

    • My grandmother always said to me this : Never chase a train or a person. There always comes another. That... if it's not the 00:00 AM train... then you'll have to sleep in the trainstation. I hate trains.

    • Thanks for ur advice. I really appreciate 🙂

  • Nooooo really not a good idea. He owns a company thats like huge loads of work for first few months or years depending what the company does , so give him some time.

    • Yeah he is busy with his works but all I ask is a frequent text. If he doesn't text for very long, how can we keep this relationship? That's why I want him to text me sth like goodnight like once in a week or sth.
      I know that he needs his space and time. That's why I let him ignore me for a week. Normally we text everyday.
      And I want him to tell me that he will be busy and won't be able to text me. What he did is he didn't say anything and didn't reply my one text for 8 days.

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    • If he is smart and proud of himself and opens his own company leave him ryt now im telling you he won't come back. Im saying this because that sounds exactly like me just 5 years later.

    • That hurts but thanks for ur advice. I really appreciate.

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