Should I leave him?

We have been going out for like 4 months now. We go out everyday like a couple. We are not committed but we don't go out with other people.
Everything is fine but he's workaholic. He owns a company. And That's the reason why he didn't want to commit. He doesn't want to take responsiblities of the boyfriend and he's afraid that I might have more expectations from him if he commits because I used to say that he doesn't care and I used to have high expectation and could get easily upset.
I was on the trip that makes me apart from him for a month. He even didn't go to work for like 4 days to accompany me before I went for trip. First week of my trip was fine. We texted everyday.
We didn't argue and I didn't do anything wrong.
But suddenly, he didn't text me for one whole week.
I didn't think he has plan to stop our relationship because he was talking about the plans to do when I go back. Seemed like everything's working for us.
And I texted him first. He texted me back. And he didn't text anything again for another 8 days.
And I was back from trip and he was there when I went to his friend. And he was acting like there was nth between us. So I texted him to ask if he wants to stop contacting with me. He replied "I'm sorry. I am focusing on my works and I don't want to waste your time".
But during my trip, I once posted photos and video with my guy friends. He stopped texting for the second time after those photos. So I doubt maybe he's jealous or maybe he really wants to stop our relationship. Should I ask him if he is jealous or just leave him forever?
Should I leave him?
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