Is this convo dying out and is there anything I can do to revive it?

I chatted up this really attractive girl on Tinder, go her number, her snapchat, we traded instagrams. Its hard see where I stand with this person though. She wouldn't text me for a day or so and would go silent, but every time i reached out she would almost instantly respond. Only two or three nights ago we facetimed. I also know that its a difficult time in the semester (we're both in nearby colleges) and we both have lots of things going on.

We tried to set up a date, but our original times weren't gonna work (I'm in college and don't have a car this semester, but its not a big deal because i probably will next semester and we live in the same hometown pretty much). So when she pointed out that maybe we should keep talking and then meet up later like next semester I pointed those things out (i also have a very easy way of getting to her), and we sort of agreed to meet up this upcoming week at some point.

Yesterday, I know she had parties all afternoon, and I think she was partying that night so she was drunk. But i snapped her at one point, she snapped right back, within seconds, and then didn't respond to my next... So i'm not sure if she's just too busy, or if she's lost interest. She's done this before, only to have better conversations later on...

I havent' talked to her since then. Shuold I wait for her to reach out to me, or should I maybe like call her and catch her off guard? Not completely sure what to do here - normally I would assume she's not interested but I am just really confused.


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  • She may not have time


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