He hasn't contacted me since meeting up?

I've been friends with a guy long distance for years and whenever he's been in the area for work we have met up. We have only ever been friends until earlier in the year we broke the ice and started flirting and opened up to each other. He told me he's always been attracted to me and we began planning holidays together, getting closer, we fell out from miscommunication though.

He called me months later saying he's sorry and listened to me, explained his side, told me I'm the most beautiful talented and inspiring girl he knows and I inspire him to try harder. He began messaging me every day again, flirting occasionally, opening up to each other, and when he was in the area we met up again. Every time we have met up he's paid when we go somewhere before I even notice most of the time, he's always a gentleman with me, and we did make flirty jokes with each other in person and he looked really happy around me.

nothing happened between us because we didn't have time and he messaged me the next day talking to me. Then I messaged him a few days later and he told me he's going to buy a house nearer to me, and wants to plan a holiday with me. This was a couple of weeks so and he hasn't messaged me since, usually we talk every day and it's stopped since meeting up.

I'm confused, could he potentially only want to sleep with me?


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