I don't know what to think about these emails. Help please?

So my boyfriend and I both have gmail accounts and in the promotion tab (not the spams folder) I found many emails sent to him that were shady. They were from dating sites and most were sexual dating sites. My promotions don't have any emails like this, but I get emails for things I'm active on the internet for (like a hair or fitness page).

He says he is being spammed, which I use to just let slide through. However, some of the sites have his age dating preference and location and one even had one of his nicknames. He still stands by the fact that he isn't using these sites, but in the emails it would say something like, "you are receiving this message because you signed/registered on this date and time". He use to have Zoosk before we dated and questioned whether they were signing him up for these accounts.

Would a spam include signed up accounts? Does anyone have experience with this? I am just wanting to know the truth or be corrected here.


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  • Yes, I get a lot of popups for these things whenever I use the net, but I was never on any of these, just regular porn. Spam in an email can contain nicknames.


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