My Ex likes a total fuckboy, what should I do?

(look at previous questions to get context) Today i was texting my ex and she said that she likes a total fuckboy. I am very confused why she does like a fuckboy. I would recommend for you guys to read my previous questions to get context. What should I do?


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  • Move on, my ex changed me for a polygamist aka whore. She’s lost, forget her cause she’s not coming back.

    • well she is if I work for her. people open their eyes when they see someone working hard for them plus this guy is ought to fuck up

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    • yeah sure, what is your Username?

    • Itsover9.000

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  • Realize that the term "fuckboy" is erroneous and stupid, for starters.

    • I am quoting what she said to me. Would you like to help me or what?

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    • yeah, she called him a fuckboy

    • Then she's a fool. Anyway, if she likes him, she likes him. You may just have to wait out the storm man.

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