Help me understand this?

I dated this girl for over 3 years, and at this time a year ago she went on her mission for her church and I asked her to marry me before she left and she said she would officially accept when she came home.
Very long story short, during many conversations during her mission, she told me she's changed and she can't marry a non Mormon. So, we haven't talked since. But I still haven't been convinced it's over. It feels like she's reacting to being on her mission.

Look at my previous question for more information.

Anyway, I tried praying about it, and I had this insane dream about my first love, a girl I haven't seen in 3 years. We broke up because she thought I was lying to her about something her friends started because they hated me.
But in the dream, I was leaving a store and saw her in a parking lot, and approached her and we started to talk about what happened. She said she was glad to see me and time kept lapsing in my dream, it went from that to us making up and becoming a couple, to us being married and all that nonsense.
I know it was a dream, but it felt so real.
But also, months ago, I sent her a message on Instagram before I deleted my account, directly addressing what happened and apoloixing for what happened in highschool and all that. I never saw her view it, and I sent her a message on Twitter simply asking her to read it.
But I checked this morning, she hasn't posted or anything on Twitter since before I sent that message, but had posted once on Instagram, and in the dream I saw her with a tattoo on her arm. I saw the tattoo on her most recent post and I had never seen it prior...

Can anyone help me understand that?


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  • It's how the MormOns get more numbers. The males; annoying, pretty, and mainly do fundraising as their recruitment numbers (outside of the gay population) aren't as hi as the women's. Women recruiters, sex is phenomenal, will seem to genuinely fall deeply in-love with you, and you (the male non Mormon recruits) fall deeply in love with them. You've no intentions of becoming a Mormon, ask the Mormon girl to marry (as its usually been some time) and they can't marry outside of the temple... You're be amazed how often this works, because the sex is amazing

    • I don't understand what you're getting at... And that's not helping anything, cause I'll never be able to have sex with her. :-(

    • Then you got a bad Mormon missionary, because that's the female Mormon missionary tactic... Lol and yeah they even do anal

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