Have you ever had a crush on someone who was gay or lesbian?

I don't mean just wanting sex with that person and nothing more.
I mean that you actually want to be with that person but you being straight and him/her being gay/lesbian made it impossible.
Or maybe you are gay/lesbian but had a straight person of the opposite sex having a crush on you.
How did you handle the situation?
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  • I actually did. In university days, I met a self-proclaimed lesbian who was actually *a beautiful girl*. In my mind at least. I know, this is unreal, most decidedly DO NOT look attractive, which is probably why it struck me as so sad.

    Back in my early to mid twenties, I engaged in what I can only call, looking back those days, the Don Quixote Capers. I was tilting at the proverbial windmills, trying to win the affections of an otherwise delightful woman, who, alas, was still a man-hating lesbian. Commie ideology too, although she has since wised up. We laugh about it now.

    Nevertheless, I still found her fascinating, and many of her friends too. I was perhaps the male equivalent of a "Fag hag".

    I was The Man Of La Rug Muncha.

    One of her friends, a short squat and unattractive lady, became like a female Sancho Panza to me, perhaps because she found my antics entertaining.


    But In the end? It was futile. Don't fight to be where you aren't wanted.

    Yes, it is a fact that so many ladies today are just plain confused and are "lesbians until graduation", but unless one of those is right in front of you, you are better off pursuing prospects elsewhere, rather than trying to seek them out.


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  • I dated a lesbian once.


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