How does telling a guy damn you sound so busy sound?

So I told him I was free after Wednesday to hang out, and he told me he would check his schedule and get back to me. I just wanted to know how saying that sounded, since I’m not a native English speaker I don’t know how it would sound to a guy that speaks English


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  • it would sound like "damn, you sound so busy"... trust me

  • Generally men do not mean anything but the exact thing they say. He probably just had to check his calendar.

    • I know but does it sound bad if I make that comment

    • That he sounds busy... no but I wouldn't leave it there. If you want to say that put some interest in it like...

      "I like a guy who has many interests, just out of interest what keeps you so busy? And by the way thank you for taking the time to make sure of a time we can get together so that I know I can count on not having to cancel last moment"

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