Confused about boyfriend?

My boyfriend and i have been together for a year, honestly feels like longer.
we have a 2 month old daughter together, and i have a 2 and ahalf year old son, from a past relationship.
since i got pregnant with our now 2 month old daughter, he will have out breaks of anger towards me, where he will put me down about my body, mind and everything else i do. mind you we have a 15 year age gap between us, but that has never been a problem with us. when we first started going out, he told me all about himself, he says he is a vary honest person. he's stubborn, an asshole at points, and vary up front about everything, he is a big jealous freak, and always thinks a girlfriend is cheating on him because so many have... i think there must be a reason for them cheating.
he tells me he is in love with me, that he cares for me a lot, but im annoying, and that he doesn't care if i leave, everytime we get into a fight about something, he always tells me "dont like it there's the door"
i believe a lot of the times he really does want out of the relationship, but then after i leave him alone and he calms down, he becomes his normal stubborn sarcastic self.
he makes fun of my son every day tho, this is normal for him i guess. i dont know if he is ever serious when calling my 2 year old names, my son is behide in talking, so he makes fun of him for that, and calls him retarded, i just dont think that is right. i know that he isn't his by blood, but he is a father to him and he shouldn't be calling him names.
i just dont know what to think of him at this point. like does he love me? does he want to be with me?
again he only does this when we get into a fight about something.
also... he thinks im always cheating on him because im a stay at home mom with 2 kids to talk care oh while he's at work for 12 to 16 hours aday. he seriously thinks i have friends, when i dont. i dont hide anything from him, but he thinks im snicky
what does everyone think?


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  • It doesn't really matter if he loves you. He is abusing your son and you need to take action to protect the boy. In general, people assume that others think like they do. If he thinks you are sneaky, it is because he is sneaky. Is there somewhere else you can go with the children?

    • He says he is vary honest and would never cheat. Although most people would say "the one accessing, is the one doing" but I don't like to think he would cheat. he knows I love him deeply and knows no one in my family besides my grandparents have anything to do with me, he knows I'd have no where to go and I think that's why he treats me like this. I have told him before to stop calling my child names because he is young and will still understand, I ask him why he does it, and he replying with " I don't know, because I think he is stupid" I would then tell him, he's no stupid he's just a toddler and learning everyday. He then would say okay and walk away. I honestly think he does it because my son isn't his by blood but he knows the real father isn't in the picture and hasn't been since he was 5 months old.

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  • Well he needs to stop feeding his mind with those thoughts.
    Those thoughts need to be gone and he needs to believe that you are not cheating on him and etc.
    Also you can’t let him bully your son that’s really sickening and uncool, he is making his childhood miserable protect your son.
    Yea his personality it’s complete trash, he is 15 years older than you and he will never change his attitudes anymore he is too grown to change.
    So yea I wouldn’t be with the guy not have kids with the guy but that’s already something you’ve done. Anyways he needs to behave if he doesn’t you should leave him or just accept how he is.
    Good luck

    • I fell in love with the good he does show, its harder now cause we do have a child now, I'm worried that he will favor her over my son, and I know he's bullying him, he claims a lot of times he's only joking, but my son is only 2 he doesn't know that, and I'm worried he's really serious about what he is saying. I know he is a good guy, but when he gets mad... That changes

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  • I think what you said is the truth, he is an asshole and a huge asshole for abusing your son. He is abusing you as well and soon he will abuse his own daughter. Leave him as soon as possible and make him pay child support.

  • Yeah that's abuse... Get out while you can before it escalates

  • I'd don't think this guy is worth your time


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