Do you have a ‘type’ which you generally stick to?

I can’t resist a dark brunette with brown eyes about 5ft 3- 5ft 6

i still hope to find a girl like this one day
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The last three big crushes I’ve had have all been on guys who are intellectual to the point of arrogance. One was big on philosophy, the other on tech, and the last on politics. I’m interested in discussing theology but feel attracted to guys that know deeply about any subject. It’s nice to be challenged in that way. Usually I’m annoyed by it at first, but then it becomes endearing. Other than that all were white (these were guys I interacted with at school), there’s no physical similarity. I suppose you could say none of them were particularly good looking. All brains. Very little beauty.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes... big bright smile and eyes. Egg shape face. Kind and gentle spirit. Big breast, child bearing hips and small waistline that when i hug her i can touch my elbows on the opposite arm.. thank god i been with this person for 20 years married... lol We both work out and enjoy eating well.. that helps out a lot and a must have quality for me.😁


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  • Yeah, I like blond and tall guys

  • I like east Asian guys


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