Solutions to get over your dreamgirl/guy?

Okay, so let's say that you met the person of your dreams. They literally nail the description of your dreamgirl/guy both in the looks and personality. You guys had a thing going on, but due to life's difficulties you guys decided to end stuff and things and decide to try again in a few years (2-4 years). And now, only time can tell how it will end.

In either a broken promise and false hope created to be crushed or a unique love story.

How do you actually get over this person? That one perfect person who's kind of made for you? And as a perfectionist you are a type of person who would want your next partner to be as good or better than the last one.

How in the world can you move on from that?
Cause nobody wants to sit around and wait for something that maybe won't happen.


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  • Either two people want the same, or they don't. It's that simple.

    If they do everything is easy, if not it cannot be helped.

  • you don't get over them, it's destiny

  • Been goeing through that for the past year and I feel you. Fortunately for me she turned out to frankly be lying bitch so it makes it easier... basically we dated for a few weeks and we were both crazy about each other, she literally made me out to sound as if I was her soulmate and would tell me I was the perfect guy for her, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me, move with me, have my babies, how many, their names, what they'd look like, etc., you get the picture. Then she basically ghosted me, came back into my life, ended it bc she said she wasn't ready bc she just got out of a 3 year relationship, wanted some time to find herself and that she wanted to try again in a few months. I had doubts, but also hopes bc I've never been into a girl this much before and she was absolutely crazy about me. Reached out to her after a few months, got blocked (literally just tagged her on a fb post, that's it). Obviously I was crushed. Then a few months after that I found out she got engaged. Basically I was the other dude... so yeah the chick was cheating on the guy she was supposedly crazy about with me.

    The thing that I realized after that was that the "perfect" person doesn't exist. They are however we view them and portray them in our heads. I'm probably biased, but the chances of him being your perfect guy are pretty slim to none. The perfect person for you is the one that sticks around no matter what. I've been currently in a relationship for almost 4 months now. I won't lie, I don't feel the same type of feelings for my girlfriend as I did the other girl, they're not as intense. However, I actually think it's a good thing. Sometimes we leap too soon and ignore a lot of stuff. My girlfriend is amazing in every way, seriously I'm sooo lucky to have her. I know she truly loves me and cares about me and she shows me that through her everyday actions. Our love for one another just keeps growing everyday little by little and the more it does, the less I feel for the previous girl. Love should be calming, not fiery.

    • Well, he did calm my panic attacks and doubts. He made me a better person too. Different places in life got in the way. That was our obstacle.

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