First boyfriend advice? I don't know what to do?

So there is this guy who i've been dating for the last 2-3 weeks and he really likes me.. he always texts me and gives me a lot of attention. we went on a date on the weekend and had a sleepover with some otherfriends... it was really nice maybe a few awkward moments but thats normal.. we stayed up all night just having fun laughing and yea.
Anyways the next day he had to leave really early like 6 am however we texted the whole day and in the evening at like 10 pm he came over to my house and slept over without my parents knowing.
we watched a movie and stayed up all night kinda cuddling but nothing more. I really like him and i can't think of anything that i dont like about him but i still kinda have this weird feeling inside me, i feel like maybe he likes me more than i like him and i am afraid that i am doing something wrong. i also feel like its going really to fast.. i want to tell him but i am afraid he won't understand and think i dont like him.. maybe i am just afraid to get real feelings for him because i used to be really in love with this other guy and he kinda broke my heart... pls help cause I don't know what to do.. ( i am 15 btw)


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  • For one no boy should be sneaking in your house with your parents there It's disrespectful.

  • Communication if u feel like its going to fast you need to tell him be like I really like you but we are going to fast.. Can we slow down

    • I would add to that if he dose end things just because you tell him it's to fast for you then in the long run he's not worth your time and was only realy there for one thing. IE let's play this out your still together and married at 25 let's say and he all ready has the mentality to leave if he dosent get what he wants if your not ready and you have a baby witch means no sex for at least 6 weeks do you want to worry about him finding someone else? If he won't what now with the small stuff he won't wait latter for the big stuff. Wait. Be patient. And for all that it is worth stop sneaking around behind your parents back! That alone 1 isn't right and 2 is giving it's own impression to him on what you are willing to do.

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