Can an aspie women ever find happiness in a relationship?

Every relationship I'm in always leaves me feeling tortured and overwhelmed. Is it possible to be ok and feel safe in a relationship if you are on the autistic spectrum?


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  • I'm very curious about the answer to this question and would love to chat with you. My daughter is 14 and high on the spectrum (mainly social anxiety issues, some stimming still) and I want to help her however I can.

    • Learning Coping skills and being aware of predators is a must. Our naivety and gullibility are easily spotted by ill intentioned people.
      Also knowing the almost inevitable legal ramifications is important. Stalking and harassment behaviours and aggression due to communication problems can and do happen. Meltdowns are also seen as criminal offences.
      And social services take kids off of autistic girls as we are perceived as a risk to our kids.
      That's what I've discovered anyway.
      Really focus on safety!!

  • Maybe if your with the right person you can over come this


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