I like his personality but I'm not attracted to him. How do I tell him?

I met this guy the other night and we got together to study today. He's such a nice guy, much nicer than I usually attract, but I'm honestly just not physically attracted to him at all. He's not ugly but the thought of being romantic with him almost weirds me out. I'm super comfortable around him so I'd love to be friends but I know he's attracted to me. What do I do?

We studied for a couple hours and parted ways and we're still texting. I'd feel super weird just being like "hey let's be friends" but I also really don't want to lead him on. I know I hate being led on and it's not fair to him.


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  • Just make him know that he's friend zoned. Just be like, " hey I'm glad you're my friend, but even though this might hurt. I'm just not looking for anything, I want to focus on myself, you will always be my good friend :)))"

    or something like that

    • I feel like I can't really say that since I met him 2 days ago :/

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    • just like randomly or when he asks me to hang out (because I know it's coming and I don't want to ghost him)

    • Just slowly ease into how you want a friend that isn't romantic. And say he's a really good friend..

      Its rather better to be honest with him now then later... Its only two days.. once the relationship builds up. You will struggle even more to tell him.

  • ur not gonna break his heart if u met 2 days ago just say i really like ur personality but im not attracted to you

    • can I just say I'm not interested in dating anyone? "I'm not attracted to you" just sounds so mean to me :(

    • i know but its the right thing todo and if u still want to be friends with him add that in there other wise just say i really enjoyed talking to you though

  • Tell him


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