Does a partner have a responsibility to look sexual attractive and appealing to their partner?

Would you stay with a partner that "lets themself go"?
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  • Of course! Don't you wanna continue to attract your partner? (Unless you wanna break up already?)


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  • Nobody lets themselves go for fun. There are always underlying issues like stress, not figuring out what living together means, lifechanges etc.

    My partner has actually gained weight and lost muscle during the we've lived together. But he also works really hard. He is under constant stress and doesn't have time to eat proper food or exercise.
    So it pretty natural why things are how they are.
    I would hate that if he went to the gym just to keep me happy. That would be horrible. If he wants to get back in shape, he can. But it's not something that keeps me awake at night.

    • So there's nothing your partner could do physically to no longer be attractive to you? He could gain 300 pounds?

    • If he would gain that much weight, there would be serious issues to address there, other than not being physically as attractive.
      Because in that kind of situation, there is something wrong. Something causes that weight gain and it's an issue we both have to solve. It's not his responsibility to look good for me, but to look good for himself so he can feel confident and happy.

      And if he is happy being 300 lb heavier, then at that point he has changed as a person so much that I would have to evaluate my feelings again. I don't know if I would love him then. Maybe. Maybe not.

      Also, we are going to grow old. He will eventually stop being sexually attractive to me one way or another.

    • Well.. thats what the question is about. That circumstance. Whatd you think or have in mind that I meant? A different colored shirt?

  • I’d say 60% of the time. I put effort into how I dress most of the time. The other 40% are looks I love for myself

  • Yeah. I'm alright with a little chubbier, little scruffier. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.

  • Yeah you should try to look good to your partner.


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