Life has Broken me?

I just don't know what to do

I have bills, I can't seem to get into shape, my job sucks and my heart was broken.

I'm not asking for any sympathy or pity,

I just have lost all my motivation, I'm stuck and mostly am down because I won't be with the girl I fell in love with and will never love again.

Can't ever have the dream girl, can't have love, stuck working my current job and have bills so I can't change careers/jobs, Super busy with work, so having a harder time making it to the gym and haven't been eating as healthy as usual... But I'm losing my motivation for that too, why bother being healthy?
I guess that girl was a huge blow to my life... I really loved her and she hurt me, I wanted her more than anything else in this world and just to accept that I won't have her... It's a major life blow...

I guess it ripples down from there, I just have to accept I can't have, a good job, things I want, can't be fit... I don't know ripple effect


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  • My dad is in the exact same situation and I have no clue what to do..

    • Omg why would a dad be like this? He has you

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    • Everyone thinks that. It's possible to find love again.

      Are there any hobbies you like?

    • Not really, I don't find anything interesting... Sometimes I find a movie or a show I like, other than that I like to sleep, I try to go to the gym sometimes. But that's about it

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  • You have to take a vacation from work hang out with friends, see your family if you don't like your job start by searching another one while you are working it's not a big deal and forget the gym a while and with the healthy thing start managing your life then your body so start finding a new career and talk to that girl maybe she has feelings to you too who know

    • I tried talking to her, but she didn't want to talk about it... I'll never know how she truly feels about me...

    • If she don't want to talk that mean she's not interested

    • About me feelings, before that we would flirt and hang out and I thought she liked me, but I scared her away with the feelings talk

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  • Everyone feels that way from time to time my friend.
    I know you might not see this right now but things WILL get better.
    Not tomorrow, not next week, not in the next few months but as all good times come to an end so will all bad times.

    • I've been like this for years, and it feels like if things are going to get better, they won't at least for a long time

  • Try and try fail and fail you either will die or succeed while doing it

    • I'm already dead :(

    • Two options don't worry about bills you will not take those to your grave or fight and work too hard and make ultra savings I mean penny by penny. Take pursuit of happiness as inspiration. Make bold steps but be smart. Then try until you can't reply here i mean dead. Too easy to say.

  • With Trump in office you are going to want to pull your shit together in a hurry

    • I'm Candian thankfully

    • With that vagina Trudeau in charge you can probably just give up and let someone else pay your way

    • Lmfaoooooooooo funniest thing I've heard in a while!

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