Guy texted me that he had a great time after our date, but doesn’t seem particularly interested anymore. What gives?

I talked to a guy for several days before meeting him. We had a date Thursday, then Friday he said he had a great night with me and asked how my day was going, and started a conversation back up like we had been doing before (we talked daily and almost all day via text). He had to end the convo to go do something kind of cool, and the next day I casually asked how that went. He was like hey! It was great! He asked me a couple questions but then didn’t really keep the convo going like he used to, so I just let it go and I didn’t hear from him today. But why would he reach out to me again if he wasn’t interested?


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  • Or he is playing the push pull to make u fall in love. Or he is just busy or maybe did you fuck? Got what he wanted


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  • he was probably just trying to be polite


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