How often to text Crush?

Have not hung out at all in person one on one. Just in groups and at Church. We texted a bunch last week and at church today I noticed her looking at me etc..

I want this to feel natural. I want to get to know her slowly. I am worried the texting could lead her on? I don't know. How often would you text your crush? Cause man I wish I could just talk to her...


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  • Text her as much as you want to. You can't get to know someone without talking to them

  • It depends on the week sometimes I text him almost every day other times I don't text him for long time.

    • What would you reccomend? I am just getting to know her slowly and am not trying to show my cars too quickly yet. Haven't asked her out yet but am just getting to know her..

    • cards*

    • Once to twice a week to start out. But if you think that's to often you could try every other week.

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