How is it "casual" if they've been dating for a long time?

When i think of something "Casual" I think of the very beginning stages of a relationship where you go on a few dates to get to know each other. But how can you still be casual if you are dating for a long time?

The reason I ask is because my crush is dating someone and I just don't understand their situation. They've been dating since the beginning of the year. They don't act like a couple at all... they actually seem distant and awkward at school. But a mutual friend brought them up in a conversation and I asked if it was casual ('it' being their relationship) and he said yes definitely.

That doesn't makes sense to me though... how is a couple still casual if they've been dating for one year? If it's just about sex then that sounds for like a friends with benefits situation but these 2 are clearly more than that since they regularly have dates


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  • They’re just having sex. That’s why it’s “casual”. They don’t have real feelings for each other, or so they believe now.

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    • So then what could that mean in terms of their feelings for each other? I know there's no way to know for sure but if the issue is that they are being awkward about DTR then wouldn't that imply that it's more than just sex? because if it was just sex then there wouldn't a need to define anything.

      Sorry for all these questions. I've always seen these things are pretty black and white. Either two people just have a physical attraction so it's just hooking up or they have feelings for each other and are dating. Also I really like this guy so i'm trying to figure out how serious this could be

    • It’s not black and white. There’s no way for me to know what their feelings are. But they’re probably not in love with each other.

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