How do you know if a guy is into you after your first date from meeting online?

I am on a dating website and I chatted with a guy back and forth for maybe 5 message before he asked me out for the next day. He is a guy that says he doesn't want to invest in chatting online forever and invest in time with them until he has met them face to face. His theory is that you don't want to create false impressions of people, so he get the first meeting over with and if he wants to get the know them he will, type thing.

Anyways that should answer my question but it doesn't!

I wrote him 3 days after our date and said I had fun and maybe we can go out again ( I called a date out) to see if there was more of a connection or share a few laughs ( the first date went really well by the way). He replied that he was going to the cottage and had a busy week ahead of him but maybe we can find time to go out to eat at a particular restaurant we discussed during our date, sometime soon, and then he asked what plans I have for the weekend. So I write back 4 days later ( after weekend)I asked him a few question , and he hasn't wrote back yet. I know, I know it's Monday but there is the thing, online dating... you can tell when they are online and if they read your msg. So he has read my message and has been on twice and hasn't responded? what's the deal?

Someone write back please!


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  • Hmm, I don't know. If you don't meet him in person daily, it's hard to tell. =/

    Well, I'm going to be blunt. Perhaps when he was trying to arrange another date, he was only being polite, but he doesn't think you're the right girl for him.

    He might have had fun and enjoyed your company, but it takes sparks and a certain connection to want to BE with the person.

    My advice?

    You sent him a message. Now leave it. Write to some other guys and feel free. If he doesn't reply to you (and I suppose he still hasn't), then let him be ... give both of you a chance to find someone truly right for you. The worst thing you can do is being clingy when you aren't even in a relationship yet. Why even worry or waste time thinking about "what happened"?

    Don't write him any more messages (perhaps a short, humorous one, saying "Hey, are you still alive?" ... and that's it. If he won't reply, he made his choice - so move on.)