I am dating a guy who is too busy to text now but we have unresolved issues in our dating relationship. Is he just too busy or has he lost feelings?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now. The last half has been strained. He was hurt I did not have enough time for him a month into our dating relationship and he began to ignore my messages and left me confused. It was a week of probing before he finally told me that he was mad at me for not having enough time for him and hence he was hurt. A few weeks later, he was affected by an intimacy issue between us. Basically he wanted more physical initmacy between us than he was getting and he was subtlely hinting we shouldn't waste other's time if we didn't see eye to eye about this issue. We mostly discussed this issue over messaging but have not openly discussed it face to face. The last message we left off about this issue is that I am open to more initamacy but I just needed more time to warm to him. After our initmacy disagreement, we still do kiss, hug and cuddle. Hence I am not sure if he considers this intimacy issue resolved. He is someone who doesn't open up much and not much of a talker and expresser of his feelings. The above two issues we have never addressed it face to face. All these thoughts I have not had the chance to tell him as he has been extremely busy with work and much as I want to address this with him, I want him to have some space. I did initiate a few times to address this issue but it feels like he is avoiding it, perhaps because it comes accross confrontational and he doesn't like to talk (not sure if it is because of these). Another issue now is that he is too busy to text me now - which makes me doubt, as it isn't possible to be that busy to just send one message. It is difficult to message him now, much less address the obstacles we faced. I feel hurt and neglected yet I really don't want to come across as pushy and needy - though I miss him a heck lot. So for now I am not sending him any messages because I feel hurt if he doesn't respond. Is it because he is too busy now, or that he has lost feelings but isn't telling me?


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  • wow what an immature douche. Basically what he is telling you is that he want sex, and since you are not providing it, it is possible that he has a side chick. Hence the lack on answering your messages.


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