Why are quiet men looked down upon?

I have recently experienced some strong negative vibes toward me for seemingly no reason other than being a quiet person. Girls describe me as weird and one person even went as far as to say they think I might be a mass shooter. This really hurt my feelings as I am just a quiet guy and I’m actually really loyal to friends and willing to help others. It’s hard for me to connect with women and other people because I feel like small talk and flirting is a waste of time. I’m an intellectual analytical personality type and I sometimes prefer just to be by myself. Even my own family thinks I’m strange. I think that they are the strange ones though which is sort of comical. There are times I long for relationships as all humans do but the bs that goes into it sometimes just ends in pain. So my question to women is why do you feel the need to belittle quiet men and act like they are perverts or rapists?


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  • because you encountered some assholes. It happens to me constantly. The problem is the women you'd probably have stuff in common with generally would rather die than ask you out for fear of rejection and humiliation.

    • To add to this, those women are also probably resvered, shy, and quiet as well.

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    • @Shadow44 oh entirely. It sucks sometimes, I wish I was more confident and charming constantly

    • Confidence is a real kicker especially when you don't have much to validate or say why you should be confident. It's worse when you're starting out breaking out of that shy shell but gets better the more friends and acquaintances you make.

What Guys Said 1

  • As a quiet and reserved guy this isn't true and I have dated and talked to women. A lot of my friends at the current moment are female. It's just how it is. Though sometimes you do got to come out of your shell and talk to people and learn to socialize. It's just the way it works. Women don't generally approach guys and if they do it's rare that they ask them out from what I've seen so you'll have to take a shot at it.


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