Question for girls. So I've been with this girl for some time and I want to have sex with her now?

How would you want a guy to approach you about this? What should I say or do?


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  • Sit down with her, tell her. Honestly. That you have been together for some time, that you do think of sex with her and the idea of it is something you really like and crave. Be respectful in the way you say this, so that it doesn't sound DESPERATE and pushy, that might scare her if she is unsure of whether she wants it or not as well.
    Then ask her how she feels about it, whether she is a virgin or not, if she wants to or is considering to have sex with you, if she is waiting for a particular event like getting in a serious relationship for that to happen or not.
    And be nice about whatever she has to say. If she is against it because of morality, like say she is a virgin or doesn't like to sleep with guys until real serious dating, maybe explain to her that it is also a way of getting closer, AGAIN, without being pushy.
    If she doesn't because she doesn't feel like it ask her whether thats smth she would like to change or not. If she does, work on it, spice up the relationship. If she doesn't. Just deal with it.

    Good luck!


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