I am really scared?

im scared im going to lose my sister. she is 31 and in bad condition. when i was 21 she was 26.. we didn't speak because my other siblings made me feel guilty for hanging out with her... i miss her daily and im worried she is going to take her own life... she has no man... no kids... lives with mom no job... im so scared she is the only one im close. if she dies im gonna be all alone


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  • Why do you feel she is suicidal is it because of the things she says or is she clinically depressed in your opinion has she given up if she need in need of being her sister is something up you have value on that others and look on as a burden when people are are self destructive only too often Society tells us it is best to turn it back on them and give them tough love so they can figure it out themselves or that they will drag you down with them if you stick around to try to help them and I think that that is not the way to handle it communicate with her tell her that you're scared for her anybody else in your family or the world can either figure that out and see that you're trying to save a life or it's their loss for not seeing it humanities is important especially when does a blood relative we are all f***** up we are all flawed no matter what she did no matter what she's still doing don't give up on her.


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  • Just try to reconnect with her
    And if she doesn’t want to talk to you and shuts you out

    You can always talk to your mom
    If you think your sister is suicidal than you and your mom can get her help


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  • go see her and tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her

    • i did and she didn't open the door.. she just yelled

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    • she won't let me go upstairs... if i do she calls my mom saying she will spit on her if she ever brings someone to her door again

    • my other siblings ditched her

  • Try to discuss it with her and let her know how you are feeling and that you are there for her.


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