When She Flakes.. Is The Ball Truly In Her Court?

I met a girl about a week ago. She seemed really into me. I set a date for tonight. We sent each other text messages off and on throughout the week. We originally set the date for this afternoon and said she remembered she had a volunteer meeting in the afternoon and asked if I could go out at night and get dinner. I accepted. She told me her family was in town this weekend celebrating an early birthday. She sent me a text today and said she was cleaning up after her volunteer meeting. I had a feeling she was going to flake. She did sound legitimtely busy over the weekend. She concluded she was tired, had a bad headache. She wanted to feel good when she hung out with me and asked to reschedule. She said she was sorry. I said it was ok and to let me know when she was available. She said she would let me know and said she felt bad. I said it was ok and to feel better. Typically when they flake.. regardless of the circumstances.. I leave the ball in their court. I don't contact.. I let them come back to me. Sometimes they do.. sometimes they don't. I've stayed persistent with women in the past and it never worked. Should I still continue to pursue.. and leave rhe ball in hee court?


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  • Good plan, don't chase.

    Leave the ball in her court.

    That is... unless you fall desperately in love. Then you be the fool bud. Leave everything behind. If you fall in love and I mean really in love. Red pill / blue pill... screw it. You have one life, do what you need to for happieness.

    That goes for women reading this also. If a man makes you chase don't. It's 50/50 unless your in love 100% and willing to self sacrifice to the ends of the earth for the person. Then toss everything out and go for it balls to the wall. Break every rule your comfortable with to please them and get what you want.


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