Why do the fakes and scammers only message me?

Ok so I seriously don’t get any responses from real girls only fakes and scammers


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  • Maybe you're asking a specific kind of question that draws their attention?

    • Nope just putting in general stuff

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  • What app?

    • Okcupid

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    • Well hookups appear to be the thing most women don’t want to get married anymore hence why marriage percentages are declining which leads me back to what you stated if this is declining what’s the point in being built for marriage

    • So you want marrige not hookup and that is the problem. There is nothing wrong with you. You are in wrong place. Sonplease subscribe to a gym, Do some strength training, subscribe to a dance class. TaKe a holiday and go to South Americ where gorgeous gorgeous women or asia If you like that, have some fun and find women that not just are they beautiful they want to raise a family. Apparently somethings you did not learn from sales buisness which is location location location

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  • Maybe you need more friends?

    • Yeah it sucks im inches away from giving up on dating

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    • Well you can find success in finding love!

    • I guess I should have been more specific degrees and accolades

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