How can I get this girl I like to date me?

so there's a gril I really really like and I want a relationship with her. she has admitted to liking me multiple times but doesn't know about a relationship just yet. so how can I convince her that I'm not like her exs who were jerks and get her to go out with me?


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  • Go to a neighborhood where rich people live, find a local ATM and the nearest trash can near that ATM, dig through it for ATM receipts, collect the ones with large bank balances, stuff them in your back pocket.
    Then go to a different neighborhood where hot young girls live, and ask them for their number, when they ask for something to write on, reach in that back pocket and volunteer some “scratch paper”
    Eventually she will turn the scratch paper over, see the bank bank balance and think she found a diamond in the rough...
    It works every time


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