Should I be concerned she will leave me?

I recently I recently started dating this girl for the past month and everything has been great between us. She has introduced me to her friends and family, stays over every weekend, bought groceries and left it in my place, and I accidentally saw her text message her girlfriend saying that she loves me. The sex has been amazing up until this past weekend. For some reason I started having erectile problems and I don't know why. I'm attracted to her I want to have sex with her but my penis won't seem to get hard. My last physical at the doctor concluded that I am completely healthy and fit. I do have stress factors in my life though so maybe you could be that. What could this be? And is there anything I can do to cure it? My fear is she will leave me eventually if I don't fix my erectile problems fast enough. At the very least she did say she will be patient with me. Because of the sex started off really great she would have multiple orgasms than I did would be hard for up to an hour


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  • Fix it. We girls want you to pleasure us

    • What can I do? Any natural remedies

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    • Hha damn. Lucky her! Well then more reason to stay with you right?

    • Ya i guess so. I just I just don't want her to lose interest in me even though she knows I can fuck really good since our relationship started out that way

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