Salvaging friend zone (options)?

I'm curious how some of you handle being in the friend zone. I think most times they don't really make it so obvious, for obvious reasons. (Don't want to be a mean person). So a female I'm seeing is referring to me as a friend, as an introductory note. I've only kissed her on the cheek. Yeah its a few dates in so I really don't want to waste my time, without determining value. This chick is not my visual prime but I like her personality. I think she gets something from me showing interest. So I've picked up on the friend zone and have seen it as potential opportunity to link in with her social circle. Is this normally acceptable? Seeking opinions, but I feel fine w it. My intelligence has been noted, as I am interesting to talk to and be around. So is it using on either side to use each other in some sort of social construct. She has a guy who likes her, providing confidence and ego boosting. And I just seeing the real potential for being friend zoned, making use of her social circle to expand my pool of potential mates. Feedback please.


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