Got hit on by 2 gorgeous girls today?

I was at the gym getting my workout in and there were these 2 girls that weren't really working out but just on their phone taking pictures. I saw them recognized how hot they were but ignored them and continued with my pull ups. One of the girls (the cuter one btw) went up to me and was telling me how she can't do pull ups and wanted some assistance. I immediately knew this girl was using that as an excuse to talk to me and get physical so I helped her with the pull up by holding her waist. The other girl wanted to give it a try so I did the same. I could tell they were really feeling me but I still could not help but feel awkward. I went back to my work out and a couple min later they called me back again this time asking if they looked related. I told them no at first then said yes based off the photo they showed me. We chatted for a bit and I went back to my workout. The way I came off I feel as if I gave them the sign that I didn't like them because I was so hesitant and reluctant but in actuality those girls were hot asf and I didn't know how to act. I mean both those girls look like they were work out nice tone bodies and nice plump asses (both were wearing leggings). I left the gym with just a wave good bye and I could see the disappointment on their face when I left like they wanted to talk more with me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? My lack of experience ruins everything with women. Like I know I could have had has sex with those girls or at least have some fun. They were checking me out hard and feeling on me but I felt so awkward and didn't know what to do. Like I wanted to be more physical but didn't want to come off as a creep. People are always telling me that girls are checking me out calling me cute etc and I don't do a damn thing about it even though I really want to. I have just have no idea how to go about it. How should I have handled that situation?


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  • You were just nervous! I have a guy friend who acts the same way as you just described. The fact you realized you acted this way is good though. It makes me wonder though if some guys I’ve clearly tried to flirt with that rejected me were doing the same thing you were doing? Here’s my advice, if you see them again tell them you were sorry for not talking to them as much last time tell them that you had a busy day and were in a bit of a rush and your mind was somewhere else. Maybe ask if they need help with any other kind of workouts? And just keep the conversations going. The gym is a great place to meet women especially if you’re looking for a fit women or a women who at least wants to get fit not to mention you have that similar interest of enjoying working out.

    • I always see hot guys at the gym but my pussy ass is too scared to even smile at them. Maybe just remind yourself next time that if a girl is willing to approach you and flirt with you that she is interested and it’s also talking courage for her to do it as well! So relax and be cool! I feel like the more type of social situations like this you get put in you’ll eventually get more comfortable with it. Sometimes I’ll be feeling really confident and I will talk to a guy or at least try to and it feels good and I get nervous as well but I just try to relax and just treat them as if I were talking to one of my friends.

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  • "How should I have handled that situation?" You should have just stopped your workout for the time being, kept the "waist-grabbing" going, started flirting with them and eventually got their numbers.

    Because I do it all of the time at the gym with a smile on my face if and when i see a cute girl looking at me lol.

    and usually, other males that I commonly see at my gym will ask me "was ___ my girl?" because I was all up on her (you know like grinding them when they failed at their squats, assisted them with pull-ups or shoulder presses while making them laugh etc).

    You'll see them again or be in that situation again man, next time go in for the kill and have some fun because I'm shooting like 10 for 10 in those situations lol.

    • After about 3 mins I'll usually try to talk them into doing some squats in order to have a legit excuse to get physical with them.

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    • These girls are young like 18 - 19 at the most. And I'm 22. I'm aesthetic body and face and hair but can't do shit with it cuz I suffer from social awkwardness. I'm learning as I go and plan to document my experiences with this forum.

    • "I'm aesthetic body and face and hair but can't do shit with it cuz I suffer from social awkwardness" well if you're at the right place, at the right time that won't really matter (social awkwardness) because there are some women that'll basically throw themselves at you + do all the talking needed for the both of y'all in the first encounter.

      But those girls aren't really all that common, and the ones who do usually do what I said up there don't usually look that good >_<. But the more time that you spend talking to women the better you'll get at it.

  • yeah just move on but you know if you come across them again. next tike ask for their number.


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