Guys, what is the first thing you look at a girl? Would you date a girl with ugly feet?

It may sound stupid, but I been really conscious about my feet. They don't look alike. I know there are people that do not have legs, and I'm here worrying about my feet being ugly, but the truth is that I'm always afraid guys may not like me because of it.. So I barely use open shoes because I know people are going to stare at my feet..


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  • I'll be honest. I first notice a woman's face, t*ts then ass. Then waist, legs, eyes and mouth.

    But the reality is that men may first notice your body, they only stick around because of your personality.

    There is no girl with a perfect body that's going to get my attention if her personality is horrible.

    What you should really start worrying about is your need to have guys like you. If you're afraid guys won't like you then you need to figure that sh*t out... that's your inner game. It's insecurities like that which will keep men away.

    We guys love a woman who loves herself!

    So stop caring what we think of you, and start thinking better of yourself!

    The reality is that you're already pretty awesome, and your feet simply help you stand out from the rest of the women. ;)

    ~ Robby

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  • What do you mean? One foot is bigger than the other?

    • toes on one foot is litle different from the other foot..not a big of a different just a litle..and they are wide.

    • That won't matter. Feet are a small thing. What matters the most is your personality, and your looks. I'm not a feet-fetish type of guy, but if I like the girl enough, nothing else matters. However, if it did bother me too much, I'd mention it but it wouldn't be a big deal at all.

  • no such thing as ugly feet
    believe me
    i will probably stare at your feet because I like them :)


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