How to get out of the friend zone?


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  • Moving on
    No one friendzones you, the friendzone is a state in which you remain friends with, or befriend, an individual that you wish to be involved in but who only seeks a platonic relationship with you.
    Only you can put yourself into the friendzone. If you want out, then leave it, move on

    • Exactly. You choose the friendzone by focusing your affections on someone who is not interested. You are only unclear of their level of interest because you have not been brave enough to declare your own true interest. You hope to get into their affections without taking any risk and hence you end up in limbo.

      You exit the friend zone by either delaring your true interest or just walking away. If you have already declared your interest and been rejected then you are just wasting your time.

  • Sadly... No way out

    • Yes there is lmao its called growing up and being a man

  • Once you're there, it's hard to get yourself out. Just let time pass. The fact that you're a friend is a good start, you'll get to know her well and she'll come to you for things. As long as you're loyal, there is the SLIGHT possibility that her keeping you relatively close will eventually end in a relationship. BUT RESPECT HER WISHES DUDE! DON'T INTERFERE WITH HER OTHER SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS!


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