Can we work this out? Is it worth it?

Hello guys
Somoved three months ago due to Erasmus. On the exchance program, I met a guy and we happened to kiss and see eachother from the beggining of my arrival. The first two months were perfect.. But then I asked where was this going... And everything webt wrong. He panicked and broke up with me and we've been in an on off "exclusive friends with benefits" thing for the last month... All arguments and hot and cold treatment He also told me he kissed another girl which he was destroyed about... He was so sorry and we both couldn't stop crying. We decided to give eachother a second chance right away but he keeps saying we are just friends... Even if his attitude is different So last week I told him to come over... No preasure to do anything just watch a movie and have a good time... We ended up kissing and he even stayed over and kissed again in the morning and I felt like everything was okay again But then we had an argument and he said he regreted that kissing.. that it was a mistake and that he only wants to be friends... We said a lot of mean stuff to eachother and it's been 5 days without any contact. We even blocked eachother from WhatsApp the first three days (he unblocked me the second day and I unblocked him the day after) I miss him and I would like to work things out. I don't want to leave it like this... We have to see eachother in the Christian dinner and I don't know what to expect Will he ever talk to me again? Or are we done for good?
So I texted hin about a week after the fight in case he wanted to talk and he said no, that he didn't want to be yelled at
And I cut off contact and came back home for the holidays... And he send me a text wishing me a happy Christmas at home
I don't really know what to think about that, why do you think he did it? I do really miss him and would like to work things out but I don't want to throw myself at trying just because I misunderstood his intentions


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  • I'm not sure how good you two are for each other why do your arguments become so volatile that you start wishing you didn't see each other if you are just going to miss each other later?

  • U should break up with him. He doesn't want to be with u and yet he apologises to YOU when he kisses someone else. Something is very wrong with him

  • You'll find someone else


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